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Pilates is for every body!

Jean Longchamps, PMA ® CPT, completed the 600+ hour training program  and apprenticeship at Power Pilates in New York City under Bob Liekens.  This program was designed with the input of Romana Kryzanowska, who took  over the original studio from Clara Pilates.

The  studio in Rochester is fully equipped with classical apparatus including  the Reformer, Cadillac, Barrel(s), Chair(s), Tower and Pedi-Pole. While  the original Pilates Method can challenge even the most highly  conditioned of bodies, it can be made accessible to every fitness level  in order to strengthen the muscles that support and align the spine.


Enhance Your Well Being!

Pilates is a great way to improve your endurance and abilities in other physical activities. Many people find reduced symptoms of back, shoulder neck and knee pain, shoulder pain, knee through a consistent Pilates practice/  Body alignment and muscular symmetry can be improved under the guidance of a qualified Pilates teacher.


Feel Better in your body with Classical Pilates Apparatus Sessions in Rochester, New York !

Pilates is wellness and exercise discipline including core strengthening and body alignment work through resistance training. This studio is located in Rochester, NY.

While  Classical Pilates can be an intense workout, it can also serve as a  wellness discipline that strengthens the muscles supporting the spine.  This improves body alignment, posture and sense of well being.  

Should  you decide this studio is for you, please take advantage of the incredible  value offered for beginner packages of 10 privates or 10 duets on the  ArtWalk of the popular Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA).

You're also invited to an introductory $25 private Pilates apparatus session in Rochester, NY. 

Small mat classes are also offered.


Classical Pilates Apparatus Instruction

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Classical Pilates Rochester New York

Beacon Street, Rochester New York 14607

(585) 236-4227

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