1. If monthly package private or package duet sessions are not completed  within the month, sessions will be charged the pay as you go price. The  remaining balance will be issued as a gift certificate and will expire  within six months. 
  2.  Prepaid  classes and sessions must be completed within the month. Classes can be made up  during the month as long as there is availability in other classes. Sessions can be rescheduled within the same month. Extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.
  3.  24-hour  Cancellation Policy - In the event of cancellation, the client must  inform the studio at least 24 hours in advance to avoid any charges.  Late cancels/No shows are deducted from your account.  Being late for a  reservation will not extend the length of the session. 
  4. Wear  clothes you can move in, fitted knee length or full length yoga style  pants and a tee shirt work fine. Stretchy cotton blends work well. 
  5. Clean apparatus after use. 
  6. No shoes in the apparatus/mat area. 
  7. Cash and checks accepted, no credit cards.  
  8. Be prompt and properly fueled and hydrated, ready to work! 
  9. Session packages and classes must be paid in advance. 
  10.  Please don't wear perfumes and scented lotions. Be aware that lotion on hands and lower legs can lead to slipping off equipment.